All Stars Promotions

About company

All Stars Promotion is an event- and btl-agency which specializes in entertainment marketing.

All Stars Promotion joined creative thinking people in one successful team that knows how to generate ideas and how to realize them.

The success of our team goes from creative activity, responsibility and sincerity of each member.

According to Your  request we can organize:

  • Corporative event
  • Concert with participation of Ukrainian and international stars 
  • PR event 
  • Btl-action
  • special projects related to the music content (copyright clearance, issueing of CD album/compilation on request with the following presentation party, etc.)
  • quest
  • organization of mobile content contest
  • catering service
  • any event important for Your company or You personally 

 We work for You, dear our colleagues, partners, spectators!

Facts: Agency was founded in 2004. Since that time, we have carried out more than 30 big promo events (including public concerts), more than 130 corporate events in Ukraine and abroad, and more than 100 private events. You can find more details about our projects for corporate clients at 'Portfolio'.